Here are snapshots of typical menus. Specials change daily, weekly and seasonally - we are always trying new recipes - so please join our e-mail list ( for up-to-the-minute info!

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While you're here, try one of our delightful desserts!
  Selection may include:  Chocolate Orange Mousse, Maple Creme Caramel, Lemon Raspberry Cake, Dark Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake, Chocolate Truffle Cake, Creme Brulee, Pie and more.

For locally-made GLUTEN-FREE loaves or rolls, call for availability or order ahead. These are delivered Sunday mornings.

Our sweet breads, such as blueberry, Sunflowers' special zucchini with cranberries and sunflowers seeds, lemon poppy seed and nut breads are available every day - call for this weeks' flavors or to order ahead.

603- 593-3303


Chefs David Daumé & Chaz Beaulieu

About our chefs:

David Daumé is our Executive Chef with 20 years of culinary experience. He has worked in many fine restaurants throughout New England including Dockside Café in Vermont, Colonel Shepherd House, Mile-Away Restaurant and Aqua Bistro in New Hampshire. At the beginning of his career he apprenticed under Master French Chefs, which is reflected in his rich French dishes. He prides himself on using fresh local foods and creating cuisines of global flavor. David has been awarded gold and silver medals in competitions, including First Place in the Monadnock Soup Festival. When tasting David’s menus, you will experience a balance of elegance and comfort.

Chaz Beaulieu, our brunch chef extraordinaire, has many bistro/comfort food dishes in his repertoire, as well as breads, rolls and specialty baking items. Trained in France, he has worked locally at Carolyn’s Bistro, Cafe at Noone Falls and Apple Hill, as well as Dance New England Summer Camp. He is also an accomplished flutist with his partner Marybeth Hallinan.


  • Maple Syrup from Award-Winning MONADNOCK SUGAR HOUSE in Jaffrey - voted #1 in New England by Yankee Magazine! and also MORNING STAR MAPLE in Dublin

  • Farm fresh eggs from COLL'S FARM in Jaffrey

  • Ancona duck eggs from WINDY KNOLL HERITAGE FARM in Fitzwilliam

  • Veggies, lettuce, herbs from TRACIE'S COMMUNITY FARM in Fitzwilliam and CARGILL COMMODITIES in New Ipswich

  • Lettuce, herbs and other veggies from SUNSET VIEW FARM in Winchendon

  • Specialty pastries from DUTCH EPICURE BAKERY in Amherst

  • Fruits from MONADNOCK BERRIES in Troy

  • Wine from LABELLE WINERY in Amherst

  • Grass-fed veal when available from AUGER FARM in Acworth

  • Organically raised lamb from the DAVID BROWN FARM in Winchendon

  • Delicious rye and other breads from THE KERNEL BAKERY in Peterborough

  • MIKE'S GREEK GOLD BAKLAVA made in Dublin

  • Cheeses from BOGGY MEADOW FARM in Walpole and SMITH'S COUNTRY CHEESE in Winchendon MA

  • Organic coffee through MOCHA JOE’S in Brattleboro VT